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Located on a beautiful 600sq. meter campus in the heart of Sonipat. Miniland Preparatory School provides an outstanding physical environment to meet the educational needs of our children. The school has ten spacious classrooms, a huge open space, bathrooms for the toddlers.
  • 25th May 2019Parents meeting

    1.During the academic year, most schools in India invite parents to come in for the regular parent-teacher meeting.
    2.If you have received a note advising you that your ward teacher wants to schedule a meeting with you, don't panic.
    3.This is a standard part of the school's efforts to build a strong partnership between parents and teachers.
    4.Whether your child is having a positive or negative experience in school, parent - teacher meeting will help you and your child's teacher find ways to work together to ensure your child's success.
  • 25th May 2019First day in school

    Each classroom at Miniland Preparatory school is specially designed to meet the development needs of the enrolled children. Classrooms have a carefully prepared learning environment, with opportunities for exploration and use of the senses. New material and concepts are introduced frequently to encourage physical emotional and intellectual growth.
  • 25th May 2019Amazing school adventure

    Adventure is everything which we do with full excitement, courage and joy without thinking about the result. Here we have provided variety of adventure for the students.

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The Miniland has been built keeping in view the accessibility of the mentlly challenged children with Koshisk