Love of life (LOL) are proposed of the Abdel-Khalek ( 2007b )as the yet another build from the SWB domain

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April 25, 2023
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Love of life (LOL) are proposed of the Abdel-Khalek ( 2007b )as the yet another build from the SWB domain

Love of life (LOL) are proposed of the Abdel-Khalek ( 2007b )as the yet another build from the SWB domain

Carr ( 2004 ) exhibited a framework for conceptualizing the various elements of SWB on two account. Basic, the latest intellectual component, we.elizabeth. new satisfaction that have mind, family unit members, fellow classification, fitness, earnings, works, and you will entertainment. Next, this new affective role, we.age. the positive affect: delight, elation, ecstasy, satisfaction, passion, glee, and you will contentment, together with bad connect with: anxiety, despair, envy, outrage, worry, guilt or shame, and stress (p. 12). Nevertheless, certain article writers purchased the three terminology (SWB, pleasure, and you can satisfaction with lifetime) interchangeably (Diener, Lucas, & Oishi, 2002 ; Lyubomirsky, 2001 ).

Numerous research has advised a positive dating anywhere between contentment, wellness, and you may religiosity (age

Hahah try built so you can tap a specific facet of WB relevant to help you quality of life, which is, adherence so you’re able to, and you may grasping during the, lifestyle. Next, it absolutely was built to become reverse away from existence hatred or antipathy, as well as the self-destructive ideations. Hahah was defined as an usually positive respect toward one’s own lifestyle, a preference because of it, and you can satisfying connection so you can it. The fresh new Lol level is actually notably synchronised having happiness, optimism, self-regard, pledge, satisfaction that have life, and extraversion, up to as the exact same relationship ranging from delight and you may satisfaction with lifestyle.

Do you know the details you to associate having, and you can assume happiness? Additional answers was in fact proposed. More recently, Myers ( 2000 ) learned that age, gender, and money offered pair clues to pleasure, whereas personality traits, spiritual trust, relationships, and you will social assistance was a knowledgeable predictors from pleasure. Inside the an equivalent vein, Abdel-Khalek and Lester ( 2010 ) wanted to explore the personal, social, and identification correlates out-of glee. It found that characteristics played the more very important character when you look at the deciding joy.

Within this study, joy is actually reviewed on Oxford Contentment Inventory (OHI), plus the worry about-score size off happiness (comprehend the Approach section). Physical health and you will mental health are thought to be one of the earliest areas otherwise correlates from happiness and you can SWB. Wellness is the strongest predictor out of WB in both more youthful and you will elderly populations. One to meta-study towards WB and you can health shown a frequent correlation of approximately 0.32, and you may correlations was indeed eg strong among women (Koenig, King, & Carson, 2012 ). Therefore, WB ‘s the self-confident edge of psychological state. In the present studies, physical health and mental health was reviewed which have two independent self-score bills.

The interest during the taking a look at the mental areas of faith dates back over a century (Galton, 1872 ; Hallway, 1882 , 1904 ; James, ; Starbuck, 1899 ). Recent years have experienced rapid development and rise in the latest psychology regarding faith (age.grams. Al-Issa, 2000 ; Argyle, 2000 ; Emmons & Paloutzian, 2003 ; Loewenthal, 2000 ; Pargament, 1997 ; Spilka, Hood, Hunsberger, & Gorsuch, 2003 ; Wulff, 1997 ). g. Chatters, 2000 ; Ellison, 1991 ; Ferriss, 2002 ; Koenig, 1997 , 2004 ; Larson & Larson, 1994 ; Levin & Chatters, 1998 ; Maselko & Kubansky, 2006 ; Miller & Thoresen, 2003 ; Rew & Wong, 2006 ; Soydemir, Bastida, & Gonzalez, 2004 ; Swinyard, Kau, & Phua, 2001 ).

Myers and you can Diener ( 1995 ) unearthed that finest clues in order to WB came from understanding from the a man or woman’s qualities, personal relationships, work experience, society, and religiosity

Many respected reports said self-confident association between religiosity and you can each other physical health and you may mental health (Mueller, Plevac, & Rummans, 2001 ; Powell, Shahabi, & Thoresen, 2003 ; Thoresen, 1998 ; Veenhoven, 2008 ; Wallace & Williams, 1997 ; Wong, Rew, & Slaikeu, 2006 ). Other education hypothesized biological paths and you may psychological components working in religiosity and health (Seeman, Dubin, & Seeman, 2003 ; Seybold, 2007 ).

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